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Sept 20 2011 - Two Men Accused Of Wild Night With Friend's Corpse.

Watched ‘Weekend At Bernies’ on time too many. A lesson about picking friends.

Denver - Two men accused of driving around with a dead friend and using his ATM card to withdraw $400 at a strip club are charged with abusing a corpse, identity theft and criminal impersonation

According to the arrest affidavit, Robert Jeffery Young, 43, and Mark Rubinson, 25 went out for one last night of fun with the deceased Jeffrey Jarret on the night of Aug. 27.

Reports say Jarret, while still living, had invited a financially struggling Young, to stay with him until. But on the night of Aug. 27, Young arrived at Jerret's Denver home to find him unresponsive. Instead of calling 911 to help Robert Young took Jarret's unresponsive body and went out for a night on the town ... Read the full story from The Denver Post


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