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Colorado farm on the foothills

photo by W.M. Kitely

Another old abandoned barn and silo, framed by cottonwoods, lies west of our favorite Crane Hollow farm under the imposing Mount Meeker and Long's Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park. The Diamond on Longs is easy enough to see from here. Most people think of it as vertical but the climbers who have been on it know it over hangs! The farm now is controlled by Boulder.

The barn and silo rise just above the Foothills highway from Boulder to Lyons. In fact, another old wagon grade or two is visible on the foothills. These were old transportation roads and routes searching for quarries or to operating quarries. Most are barely visible now. The slanting rays of warm sun of an early winter day paint the old barn and silo as well as terrain of the foot hills and and facets of the peaks.

The autumn season has stretched into the last days of December for us just off the slopes of the Rockies

see Longs Peak

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