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The locations that make Colorado unique and are unique to Colorado
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Sept 30 2011 - 10 ways to get off the beaten path

Good suggestions to get a depth and breath of travel. However none of them apply only to Colorado

Tom Noel, a history professor and director of public history, preservation and Colorado studies at the University of Colorado, Denver.

More commonly known as "Dr. Colorado," Noel has traveled the state extensively and has written nearly 40 books about its history. He has 10 recommendations to better know this unique state.

1. Visit Old Taverns.
2. Waterways.
3. Avoid Interstates.
4. Travel By Train.
5. Hollywood, Colorado.
6. National Parks.
7. Animal Watching.
8. Native American Sites.
9. Stay At Grand Hotels.
10. Tombstone Tours.

Read the full story from Grand Junction Sentinel

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