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July23 2010 - Joy Riding Black Bear Goes for a Ride

It is not unusual for bears to open unlocked doors to cars and houses It happesn all the time

Larkspur – A bear got into an empty car, honked the horn and then sent it rolling 125 feet into a thicket, with the bear still inside. When the bear managed to open the unlocked door of his 2008 Toyota Corolla early Friday and climbed inside. A peanut butter sandwich left on the back seat is probably what attracted the bear.
"It's not unusual for bears to open unlocked doors to cars and houses in search of food" said Tyler Baskfield, a spokesman for the Colorado Division of Wildlife. "It happens all the time," he said. "They're very smart."
Once inside, the bear must have knocked the shifter on the automatic transmission into neutral.

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