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Only in Colorado Jokes & Observations

A collection of jokes and observations that happen only in Colorado. If you do not find some of them amusing or unusually it probably means you are a native.

Only in Colorado will the city snow plow the bike paths before the neighborhood streets.

Only in Colorado can you stand on solid ground and look down on an airplane in flight.

Only in Colorado will you see a $3,000 mountain bike on top of a $700 car.

For that matter only in Colorado will you see a bike rack that is more expensive than the car it is mounted on.

Only in Colorado is your sense of direction based on "toward the mountains" and "away from the mountains".

Only in Colorado can you go snow skiing and water skiing on the same day.

Only in Colorado did you grow up planning your Halloween costume around your coat.

Only in Colorado Springs can people recite the entire Bible from memory, but can't remember to use their turn signal

Only in Colorado do you have a flat tire in your refrigerator and your garage.

Can you meet the real people that the characters on South Park are based on.

Only in Colorado do you see nothing ironic about going to Casa Bonita as a child and an adult.



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